VM /386

VM/386 is the leading multiuser DOS/Windows operating system.  If you sell or use DOS and Windows solutions for workgroups, you know that your multiuser platform is crucial to your success.

Web-Based Computing

Run your application over the Web!
Add MTerm® Terminal Server software to a Windows NT® server and your text-based applications can be quickly and inexpensively delivered to users over a wide area network via the Internet.

Enterprise Computing

Migrating to NT? Get NT on your terms with MTerm Terminal Server. You can add Windows NT®, with its power and connectivity, to your existing network with MTerm.

Remote Access

Slash your networking costs! Now you have an option. Direct connect your regional offices, work-at-home employees, and on the road sales force with standard modems and telephone lines or via the Internet for the price of a local call to an ISP.