Slash your networking costs! Now you have an option. Direct connect your regional offices, work-at-home employees, and on the road sales force with standard modems and telephone lines or via the Internet for the price of a local call to an ISP.

With MTerm Terminal Server from IGC, you can quickly and inexpensively deliver your text-based applications to users locally and over a wide area network via the Internet. Add MTerm software to a Windows NT® server to connect your offices, warehouses, stores, salespeople, and managers, anywhere in the world. There is no need for new equipment or expensive high bandwidth connections at every location. Use your existing hardware and your standard phone lines.

VM/386, like MTerm, provides quick and inexpensive delivery of your DOS application to users locally and remotely with modems. Add VM/386 software to a DOS server to connect your offices, warehouses, stores, salespeople, and managers.

Both MTerm and VM/386 maximize performance by sending only screen updates, keystrokes, and print files from the server to the user. Server-based solutions, MTerm and VM/386 free you from the burden of on-site installation and maintenance while ensuring low cost per seat. MTerm and VM/386 are ideal solutions for remote access and enterprise computing.

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