VM /386

VM/386 is the leading multiuser DOS/Windows operating system. If you sell or use DOS and Windows solutions for workgroups, you know that your multiuser platform is crucial to your success. You need a platform that is fast, inexpensive, easy to use, and reliable. Until now, you may have thought your only option was a LAN. If so, we invite you to discover the benefits of VM/386.

A mainframe on a desktop

VM/386 is a 32-bit operating system which enables a single 386, 486 or Pentium class PC to support up to 32 DOS or Windows users at text or graphics terminals. Each user has all the functions of an individual PC, as well as the ability to preemptively multitask text and graphics applications.

Faster and less expensive than LAN’s

For disk-intensive applications, such as database apps, VM/386 is up to 10 times faster than a LAN. Queries are processed at bus speeds, which are much higher than network speeds. And VM/386’s smart idle-sensing–plus its performance tuning options–ensure that CPU time is not wasted. This performance actually comes at a lower cost! A VM/386 system costs 30% to 60% less than a LAN; and, it has fewer “moving parts,” which makes a VM/386 system cost about 80% less to maintain.

Simple to install, maintain, and upgrade

VM/386 comes on a single diskette and takes about 20 minutes to install. It needs no hard-disk reformatting, and requires very little maintenance. The entire system can be managed remotely, and since VM/386 runs MS- or PC-DOS, and Windows 3.1, there is no need for you to modify programs or to teach users new commands. Furthermore, the only thing necessary to improve performance of the entire system is to upgrade the CPU in the host PC. It’s that simple!

Widely interoperable

VM/386 also works in conjunction with the major LAN operating systems. It can serve as an inexpensive way to add local or remote users to the LAN ( remote control software is built in) and/or to enable users to multitask their network applications. VM/386 also supports a number of PC-to-mainframe connectivity products, which make it an ideal front-end platform for downsizing legacy applications.


VM/386’s unique design gives each task a hard partition in memory and its own copy of DOS (or Windows). This protects it from all other tasks. If a rogue program causes a GP fault or some other crash in one task, the other tasks are unaffected. The crashed task can simply be rebooted.


VM/386 has more built-in options than any other multiuser platform. Remote control software, file transfer, modem and fax sharing, multitasking at every workstation, global printer sharing, network connectivity, full login and data security, and many other features are all standard.

Proven to succeed

VM/386 has won Editor’s Choice and Technical Excellence Awards from PC Magazine and has over 9 years of mission-critical performance behind it. VM/386 is prominent in POS, accounting, health care, banking, hospitality, manufacturing control, and other vertical markets. It is also a favorite platform for remote-office computing and for small-office automation.